iHub is a website for University of Plymouth students who have some degree of social anxiety. The brief was to develop a web-based information platform to provide support for students with social anxiety. The platform needed to provide socially anxious students with a single, highly visible point of access to existing University support systems and also provide links to external sources of peer-support that utilise a self-help approach to the management of social anxiety. The platform had to be accessed via the Student Portal and be available to students in the University and its Partner Colleges. The project was built using Moodle which is a platform many academic staff are familiar with and work well with in Teaching and Learning. I work on this project with Project Leader Graham Russell, Flea Palmer and Mark Pannell.

The HELP CETL gave us server space on which to host the platform. As peer-support was central to this project we primarily investigated using ELGG, a social-networking tool developed by the University of Brighton. However, ELGG did not have the functionality we required and we therefore switched and developed iHub in Moodle.