Sits & Giggles Update


It’s been a little while since my last post, but these last couple of months have been hectic. Sits & Giggles has been going very well for Rupert and myself, and I think we’ve managed to build up a fan base due to the constant amount e-mails each week from people we know. The current latest episode is ‘Episode 4 – We were not feeling it!’ which isn’t as bad as it sounds… or perhaps it does. We knew we had to release the next episode but after the recent nights events we were recovering from a heavy nights drinking, having said this they are usually the best time to record them.

Take a visit and have a look at the site, and listen to each episode here.

Sits & Giggles


Rupert Frankum and I have released our very first podcast entitled ‘Sits & Giggles’.

The purpose of the podcast is to grab a brew (or a cup of your most favourite beverage) and listen to a couple guys talk about nonsense. Along the way there will be a couple of little gems to discuss.

It all began, back in the day, with two tea lovers wanting to relax! and talk rubbish for a bit. It turned into a bit of a comedy, discussing pointless topics but also very deep themed conversations. Both interested and trained in the technological world, Sits & Giggles is aimed to talk a bit of geek, but also have a laugh whilst drinking Britain’s best loved beverage, Tea!