About Me


Hi there, I’m Mark Lyndon, the Learning Technologist Manager for Plymouth University where I work within the Academic Support, Technology and Innovation. I am responsible for the design and development of e-learning materials from given subject resources to specified project outlines. Working as part of a central development team, I am tasked to find creative solutions for the use of technology in education across the University.

I continually research new and existing technologies, latest trends and best practices in the fields of web development, delivery of resources, interaction, usability and accessability to incorporate this into my work and the advice I deliver to collegues. I hosts an array of technical skills in the design and development of Web 2.0 technologies, graphic design (for screen and print) and multimedia skills (including video and audio), with advanced knowledge of the appropriate industry software. With a keen interest in design I also utilise my creative skills to produce websites and marketing material for events/conferences and work on self-promotion.

Education and experience

For information on my education, qualifications and employment history, please see my LinkedIn profile.

Interests include…

  • Education
  • Higher Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Design styles & trends
  • Mobile devices
  • Accessibility and usability standards for technology