Using Xerte for revision


Learning is not just about reading or memorising, the ability to revise is acting as a teacher for yourself.  Using Xerte Online Toolkits for the learning and revision process can support distance learning, use in classroom and lectures. Too many words doesn’t help, long titles won’t fit and aesthetically long text can look untidy and doesn’t produce great learning experiences.

Personally I like the text narration that plays a long with a video. Rather than text overlaying the video, this can meet accessibility needs with the text-to-speech option. Narrated screencasts would be good for this.

One great way to get learners to engage with content is to get them creating objects in Xerte Online Toolkits. Creating revision objects for yourself, each other or for the class, this way learners become active content creators. Building confidence and knowledge to create these objects they are more likely to remember it.

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