Using Xerte Online Toolkits for formative assessment for students with learning disabilities


Xerte Online Toolkits has enhanced accessibility, interactivity and collaborative features but also utilises instant feedback. Within Xerte Online Toolkits you can use text, audio, video and images. All bundled up in one package they are shareable, editable and easy to update.

Working inline with Learner with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities (LLDD), in Xerte Online Toolkits learners can change the colour, the size, screen size and use facilities such as text to speech.

Xerte is a great tool for formative assessment, providing information in nicely chunked size. If a learner needs information to be repeated, and learners with disabilities do benefit from repetition, then Xerte Online Toolkits is a great option for consolidation and reinforce.. It’s always good to be aware to the learners needs, if learners can’t access some slides, amendments would need to be made so planning ahead is always a good idea.

Other features within Xerte Online Toolkits include drag and drop and the ability to show instant feedback, indicating where the learner went wrong. A disadvantages to the drag and drop features is currently there is only the ability to drag and drop text which for some learners this may or be appropriate.

Finally, Xerte Online Toolkits allows learners to use a keyboard for interacting with the learning objects, therefore users who are unable to use a mouse can use this facility.

TechDis provide Xerte Fridays covering topics that range from designing your content and supporting students with learning difficulties.

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