PGCAP – Teaching Observation, Part One


Last week I ran a 2 hour workshop for 16 students in their final year of BSc(Hons) Cruise Management. For this particular module they have to produce a website about Cruise Management and their course.

In previous years students have been taught basic web principles using Adobe Dreamweaver. This process of creating a website is very complex for them as they are complete novices at web design so to learn about HTML and CSS very much overkill. With this in mind this year we have decided to choose a web 2.0 route and focus more on publishing a website using a popular online platform. The platform we chose is WordPress for the main reason that it is flexible, intuitive, modern and it is also the most used Content Management System platform currently being used on the Internet.

This session was a very interesting experience for me because I don’t usually get the opportunity to teach students directly. I created a busy session plan aiming to get things done in an orderly fashion. As things turned out, the students led the session as they really engaged with the ideas and the technology. After a shaky start, the students left feeling really happy. The whole experience was really positive and I look forward to putting taking my experience from here and enhancing my professionalism and confidence for the future.

Review of Educational Practice – Part 1

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