New eBooks page on Technology Enhanced Learning


The newest page on the Technology Enhanced Learning website is all about eBooks and their advantages. Firstly we outline what an eBook actually is before highlighting some of the key benefits and eventually moving onto some devices. Take a look by clicking the eBooks link above. Alternatively some of the advantages are listed below:


Most eBook readers have the ability to perform a search. Therefore if you want to search for a term or phrase that you have previously read within a book and can’t remember what page you read it on, simply enter it in the search facility and it will quickly locate it and take you to the correct page.


Just like traditional books, you can add bookmarks to pages within eBooks. One major advantage in eBooks is the ability to navigate through your bookmarks with ease. You can have an unlimited amount of bookmarks within an eBook. Imagine navigating through 50+ bookmarks within a traditional book, there would be lots of page flicking, with eBooks you get a nice list of bookmarks that you can select and the device will navigate to that page.


Highlighting in eBooks is a neat function for marking sections of text that can be deemed important by the reader. Of course this can also be done on traditional books, but with eBooks highlights can be made, deleted and amended which makes highlighting more flexible.


With traditional books, it was very easy to make notes within the margins of a page, however sometimes you need a little more space for making notes. With eBooks, making notes in margins is more flexible as notes are indicated with a maker and displayed separately meaning they can be as short or long as you need them to be.


Most eBook readers have a built-in dictionary which is really handy for those times where you don’t know the meaning of a certain word. Whereas with traditional books you would have to note the word and find a dictionary to manually look it up. With eBooks its as simple as highlighting the word and simply selecting the dictionary option, the meaning is displayed instantly causing minimal fuss and leaving more time to read less time to look words up.

Change text size

eBooks are designed to be flexible and this is evident with the ability to change the text size. If you prefer to have more words on a page you can make the text smaller, or if you eyesight is impaired you can boost up the text size to make reading more easier.

Change text style

Perhaps you like reading books with a certain text style. Some people prefer to read in a Serif style and others prefer a San-serif style. With eBooks this is easy as users can simply change the text style in the settings. Examples of different text styles are: Times New Roman or Verdana.

Multiple books on a single device

Another great advantage of eBooks is about storage. For 100 traditional books you will need a large bookcase, for 100 eBooks you will need only one eBook reader. Meaning if you are travelling lots, you can carry all of your reading materials around with you in your bag or even your pocket. Also if you have multiple eBook readers, you can usually sync your eBooks among your devices, giving you extra flexibility on how you read your eBooks.

For further information please also see an Introduction to e-books by JISC Digital Media

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