Centre alignment not working in iBooks for iPad?


I’ve spent a bit of time trying to centre my text in some eBooks recently. On every device I have experimented with, my text is turning up in the centre (exactly as I want) except when I view it on an iPad. WHY!!!! Is it my code? Am I missing something?? After smashing my head on the desk a few times I found the answer. The answer is… its not my code but rather a setting within iBooks.

If you are developing eBooks for the iPad and find the alignment of your text is not exactly what you were expecting go to: Settings -> iBooks and turn off ‘Full Justification’, you may then find you will get the results you were expecting.

2 thoughts on “Centre alignment not working in iBooks for iPad?

  1. It was that simple you must have been so annoyed when you found that out! shame they don’t have a similar feature for the pictures. You may want to add these instructions in on the inside cover of the book as this seems to be a default setting within iBooks. you may want to put “if you see this message justified to the left then change the setting within iBooks settings”

    Apologies for any spelling mistakes


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