PlayStation Move v Nintendo Wii


As people might know, I have a compulsive urge to buy new technology. I can’t understand it, I’m aware of it, and I am seeking help. But nonetheless I do love gaming in hope that I may never grow up, and I have just purchased a new toy. My current console line up consists of the Playstation 3 and a Nintendo Wii.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been looking into the PlayStation®Move, the new motion sensor controller kit for the Playstation 3. As I’m glancing at the PlayStation®Move accessories on the computer, I keep looking over my screen and can’t help wondering whether its better than the Nintendo Wii set-up. With a little more research I see people reviewing the technology, praising the motion sensing and the immersive qualities that lie similar to the Nintendo Wii, but also the views that its just a Nintendo rip-off, Sony’s way of steeling the Wii technology that raised Nintendo from the dead.

Having read opinions from both sides I saw the ‘Archery‘ game from Sports Champions being demoed and just had to buy one. Having used for the past week now, these are my thoughts.

First Impressions

Firstly, wow. Secondly, if you have Sports Champions, you will know how good this technology is. The motion controlling is way better than the Nintendo Wii with more accuracy and sensitivity that the slightest movements are detected. Sony have taken the principles of motion tracking that has been seen on the Nintendo Wii and simply made it more accurate, making game play much more realistic.

Thirdly, this is probably a personal opinion, I prefer holding the PlayStation®Move Controller. For a start, its round (cylindrical), much like a bat, racket handle, golf club which is great for sporting games, but it just feels more comfortable in the hand. Also, there is a ball on the end of the controller which glows in different colours… now I know this has a vital role to play when the camera is looking for the device, but how cool does it look.

My final point is about the immersive quiality the PlayStation®Move processes. For me, the Nintendo Wii took gaming to another level with the motion sensing controllers, but combine this with better motion sensing accuracy and the Playstation’s far superior machine, processing power and graphics, makes the Playstation Move a bit of a Nintendo Wii killer.

The only downside for me is the current lack of good quality games available, but for now the technology is still very new for this platform and in the future there will hopefully be more available.


I suppose I should also bring up affordability. The Nintendo Wii is a lot cheaper for the console and the games to some extent, but that is probably to do with the Blu-ray technology that the PlayStation 3 also processes. But as for the controllers, prices remain very similar in price.

As much as I’m praising the PlayStation®Move I’m not forgetting that without the Nintendo Wii revolution, this technology might have never been seen on Playstation. Nintendo must be looking at the market and see Sony has the PlayStation®Move and Microsoft have the Kinnect for their xbox. I only wait to see what Nintendo will come out with next, but for me the PlayStation®Move is the winner with hopefully better games to come.

5 thoughts on “PlayStation Move v Nintendo Wii

  1. Good review, thanks for sharing 😀 Interesting about the accuracy element of the Playstation controller over the Wii’s. You didn’t mention the Wii plus, I wonder if this makes a difference? I know outside the scope of this post [I’ve yet to try] but the xBox-Motion could be an interesting competitor to both Playstation and Wii….

    • Hi Jason, I didn’t go into the Wii Plus (probably as I forgot… oops!) But considering you’ve brought it up, the Wii Plus did offer greater accuracy but it still doesn’t match that of the PlayStation Move. Also the Wii Plus technology doesn’t offer the one-to-one motion that the PlayStation Move does. Also I didn’t mention Microsoft Kinnect but having read reviews, apparently Microsoft had to lower the spec of the technology to make it affordable and apparently this creates a lag between the images on screen and the users actions. Shame, because I was considering this when deciding where to spend my money!

  2. That is useful information, thanks for updating. Did not realise that Microsoft’s version was causing issues, shame, I guess its like everything, ‘work in progress’, they will probably fix/patch this at some point no doubt…

  3. Hey good review, but not sure if it is a Wii killer. I think the major problem that Playstation have is appealing to the mass market. Currently the Playstation is seen as the hardcore gamer product that is hidden away in a back room. So those who are going to but Move controllers are ‘families’ with Hardcore gamers in which case they will never get a chance to play it and those who are buying the console new with the intension of using for the Move. Now that the PS3 has come down in price and is now more comparable to the Wii but looking at the game offering it can be hard to distinguish which games are designed for the Move controller, whereas all of the Wii games are Wii controller compatible. I really think that Playstation need to rebrand their Move games, i.e. putting them on white boxes like the Wii games and put the message about there that “Yeah we do family entertainment too but we make it look better”.

    Case in point I bought a Move kit with two controllers and tried to get my girlfriend involved. She liked it but her main complaint was that it was not a Wii. I explained that this controller is more accurate and the graphics are better. But this was good enough she didn’t feel that she could engage with the hardware/software because it wasn’t designed for her in mind. I have brought it out subsequently when friends come over but otherwise it does not get much use. I know that this is a personal experience but I would suspect that this occurs for a lot for those who have a console and trying to get others involve who are not strictly speaking ‘gamers.’
    Other contributing factors that Wii has that trumps the Move:
    4 years of game releases. When you but a Wii you get Wii Sports for free a full game and arguably one of the best games that has been released on the console so, except for the sequel Wii Sports Resort. The Playstation Move comes with a demo disk in which you have to install the games individually, not very family friendly.

    The second one is the Mii one of the greatest creation of Nintendo for the Wii. This allows everyone in the Hose to have their own persona that goes into every game. Users can create this cartoon version of themselves that they can make look like them and all of the game data, such are scores and achievements are attributed to that character across all of the games that support the Mii. Sports champions, which is seen as the flagship product to the Move and has the most equivalent games, makes no attempt at this instead it has pre render characters but there is no way for multiple player to personalise each character and monitor their progress.
    The Wii is truly multiplayer which engages all of the plays in the room. Bowling on Wii Sports will supports up to four players playing consecutively as they would do in a real bowling tournament. In fact all of the games support four players with the obvious exception of boxing. Sports champions tends to force you to play in teams of two for example bocce (lawn bowls).
    Nintendo have a similar model to Apple in that they make their own hardware and software. One designed to fit onto the other. This is why such concepts like the Mii’s can work so well across a large number of games. A lot of third party publishers for the Wii have in fact criticised this say that only Nintendo game make any money on the Wii. But this doesn’t change the fact that this integration works and the customers like the results. Sony however rely on third party developers to create the games for this console so realistically online persona integration seems unrealistic.

    I defiantly feel that the PS3 has a long way to go to attract a proportion of the market that the Wii has created. My recommendation is that if you do not have either console and you are looking for motion control fun then buy the Wii you will not be disappointed.
    So to string this out so long, I will probably blog about it!

      Is the Nintendo Wii a dying technology?? I think so. In terms of motion controlling game consoles, I think Playstation and Microsoft are currently leading the way.
      Playstation have take the Wii idea and used better, more accurate technology to achieve better more immersive game play. Microsoft have taken a completely different and more innovative route, I don’t think it will be long until you see Nintendo bring out a new console, the only interesting thing will be, how do you interact with it?
      Now with prices falling, I recon people will get bored of playing the same old Wii Sports and Sports Resort and will have to find something new to fill the game-shaped hole in their happiness! It is for this reason I would hesitate to recommend the Wii for todays purchase.

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