Embedding in WordPress 3.0 multi-sites


I recently converted an old WordPressMU installation to the new WordPress 3.0 with multisite compatibility. WordPressMu is no longer a separate project and is continuing development as part of the main WordPress.org branch under the name ‘multi-site‘ or MS. The reasons for moving over were simple; basically it was a matter of support. Our site has become very dependant on the functionality of WordPress and our users becoming huge fans of the wealth of plugins supported. Any future improvements to WordPress could only be utilised if we moved over to WordPress 3.0 multi-site, and it inevitable to happen at some point so why not sooner rather than later.

Further Problems

With the older WordPressMU we had a problem with embedding media in posts and pages, with the WYSIWYG editor adding a classid attribute to the tags, this was causing the media to not play in certain versions of Internet Explorer. Deep down I was hoping that upgrading to WordPress 3.0 would also sort this problem, but as it turns out only the Super Admin user can add <emded> and <iframe> tags. Administrators, contributors, authors and editors have no way of saving embed tags in their posts and pages. It’s a matter of security and here is wordpress.org ticket explaining the issue.

The Solution

After looking around at various solutions, and trailing various things the best solution is to add a plugin multi-site wide called ‘Unfiltered MU’. Unfiltered MU gives Administrators and Editors the unfiltered_html capability. This prevents WordPress MU/WordPress 3.0 multisite from stripping <iframe>, , etc. from these users’ posts.

I can’t say I’m 100% happy with the solution as the WordPress installation has become dependant on a plugin to satisfy our users. It would be better if their were setting in the WordPress Super Admin area to define user privileges. I know there is a plug-in that will do this, but again you become reliant on plug-ins and they didn’t work (again its a question of support). So for anyone setting up a multi-site WordPress installation, i hope this helps.

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