Technology Enhanced Learning Banner Design


Recently I was tasked to create a couple of banners, one for ‘Technology Enhanced Learning’ and the other being ‘Podcasting’, so I thought I’d take a couple of minutes to share the final result. We decided to get them printed at a place called Recyclable displays, which was a good choice but created some interesting challenges when designing. Firstly they supplied templates but only in PDF format, which isn’t all bad, as you can import these into something like Adobe Indesign, but it doesn’t import to the correct scale. So in the end, I decided to recreate the template from scratch, meaning I had a 1:1 scale, which put my mind as ease when sending off the final designs.

Excuse the quality, taken on an iPhone 3G

Excuse the quality, taken on an iPhone 3G

One thing you probably can’t see from the photo is that the banners take on a 3D box-like form, meaning there were 4 sides to design. The final result of the designs can be seen below, this is the second design I created as we decided to go for a theme, rather than two differently designed banners. This will be easier for the future I we decided to get further banners printed for other topics.

Banner Design

Banner Design

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