Plymouth e-Learning Conference 2010


The Plymouth e-Learning Conference for 2010 came to a close on Friday and it was a very well organised and informative 2 day conference. There was a nice blend of technical and theory based papers and it shows there is some good work going on out there. As usual I liked the technical papers and got the chance to sit in on a session discussing issues such as user-generated content and battling copyright issues and IPR, this is a topic I am becoming more and more interested in. It is a serious issue in education and its interesting to hear people’s ideas and possible solutions.

Plymouth e-Learning Conference 2010

A nice surprise was a couple papers revealing technology that hadn’t worked for their teaching, I think its always nice to see these kind of papers so people can live and learn with experimenting with technologies in education. These technologies didn’t work in that instance, so dust yourself off and try again… and they will! One paper that stands out demonstrated that a game-based learning objects didn’t really achieve the goals it set out, but did identify ways that might help them redesign the game to aid learning transfer, which was their primary goal.

So with only 358 days to go until PeLC11, there is plenty to think about and work on, but I can’t end this post without mentioning the Cream Tea which went down nicely (and eventually… they were big this year!)

Please see the PeLC10 flickr stream.

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