Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts in Operating Systems and Applications can often speed up productivity for simple tasks that are repeated often. By simple tasks I mean continually saving your document, copying a selection to the clipboard, creating new files or folders etc. These simple tasks can eat up time, time that could be better spend producing your content or other work. Here you will find a selection of shortcut keys that will speed up these repeated steps. Further down you will also find some shortcut keys for accessibility (Universal Access) for voice over and mouse keys.

By mastering some simple keyboard shortcuts you will amaze yourself at how you ever worked without them. If you are a lecturer, and think these shortcuts will be useful to your students please notify them about this article or forward them to the full Apple Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts.

Finder Keyboard Shortcuts

Command-A Select all items in the front Finder window (or desktop if no window is open)
Command-C Copy selected item/text
Command-D Duplicate selected item
Command-E Eject
Command-I Get Info
Command-L Make alias of the selected item
Command-M Minimize window
Option-Command-M Minimize all windows
Command-N New Finder window
Shift-Command-N New folder
Command-O Open selected item
Shift-Command-Q Log Out
Command-V Paste
Command-W Close window
Option-Command-W Close all windows
Command-X Cut
Command-Z Undo / Redo
Command-[ Back
Command-] Forward
Command-Delete Move to Trash
Shift-Command-Delete Empty Trash

Application and other Mac OS X keyboard commands

Note: Some applications may not support all of the below application key combinations.

Command-Tab Move forward to the next most recently used application in a list of open applications
Command- – (minus) Decrease the size of the selected item
Command-{ Left-align a selection
Command-} Right-align a selection
Command-| Center-align a selection
Command-; Find misspelled words in the document
Option-Control-Command-, Decrease screen contrast
Option-Control-Command-. Increase screen contrast
Shift-Command-= Increase the size of the selected item
Shift-Command-3 Capture the screen to a file
Shift-Command-4 Capture a selection to a file
Command-F Open a Find window
Command-I Italicize the selected text or toggle italic text on or off
Command-M Minimize the active window to the Dock
Command-N Create a new document in the frontmost application
Command-O Display a dialog for choosing a document to open in the frontmost application
Command-P Display the Print dialog
Command-Q Quit the frontmost application
Command-S Save the active document
Command-U Underline the selected text or turn underlining on or off
Command-V Paste the Clipboard contents at the insertion point
Command-Z Undo previous command (some applications allow for multiple Undos)
Shift-Command-Z Redo previous command (some applications allow for multiple Redos)
Option-Command-esc Force Quit

Universal Access – VoiceOver keyboard commands

For information about VoiceOver key combination differences in Mac OS X v10.6, see this article.

Command-F5 or
fn Command-F5
Turn VoiceOver on or off
Control Option-F8 or
fn Control Option-F8
Open VoiceOver Utility
Control Option-F7 or
fn Control Option-F7
Display VoiceOver menu
Control Option-;
or fn Control Option-;
Enable/disable VoiceOver Control Option-lock
Option-Command-8 or
fn Command-F11
Turn on Zoom
Option-Command-+ Zoom In
Option-Command- – (minus) Zoom Out
Option-Control-Command-8 Invert/revert the screen colors
Control Option-Command-, Reduce contrast
Control Option-Command-. Increase contrast

Universal Access – Mouse Keys

When Mouse Keys is turned on in Universal Access preferences, you can use the keyboard or numeric keypad keys to move the mouse pointer. If your computer doesn’t have a numeric keypad, use the Fn (function) key.

8 Move Up
2 Move Down
4 Move Left
6 Move Right
1 Move Diagonally Bottom Left
3 Move Diagonally Bottom Right
7 Move Diagonally Top Left
9 Move Diagonally Top Right
5 Press Mouse Button
0 Hold Mouse Button
. (period on number pad) Release Hold Mouse Button

This information has been editing directly from the Apple Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts, please follow the link to see a full extended list of shortcuts.

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