Children with Special Needs Evaluation


Yesterday Caroline Leeson,  Mark Pannell, Flea Palmer and myself showcased ‘Children with Special Needs’ to a group of 25 students in the Faculty of Education. We gave a quick introduction and that we would welcome any feedback on the project. We didn’t tell them too much on how to use it as we wanted to see how easy it was to use with no prior knowledge. The session lasted about 45 minutes and we collected a range of written feedback about how much they learned, usability features and criticisms in general. The group were very happy to participate and we were very thankful for their efforts in using the project for the first time. The majority of the feedback is positive with some questions raised about individual confusing points which we will clear up in the introduction of the site. We have all worked very had on this project and it was very satisfying to see it being used and used successfully. Below is a final screenshot of project in its new skin, and it can also be viewed here.

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