Multiple IE’s


A little clunky but very helpful, its Multiple IE’s! Multiple IE’s allows you to install all the different versions of Internet Explorer all the way back to version 3, this comes in very handy to make sure your websites still work in IE6. As I said its a little buggy, sometimes crashing constantly but when its working it really helps to see your site is performing or more accurately not performing in older browsers. You can download it here.

Install Multiple IE's

5 thoughts on “Multiple IE’s

  1. Very handy, thanks for sharing. As you said, should be useful down to IE6, usage of IE5.5 or below is probably negligible (fortunately). Here are some stats on ‘a UoP service’ for Oct-Nov 2009 for comparisons (out of 47,483 visits):

    IE 7.0 34,1487 71.92%
    IE 8.0 12,073 25.43%
    IE 6.0 1,261 2.66%
    IE 5.5 1 > 0.00%

    I think I’ll pop some painkillers before checking how my sites look in IE 6 though…

  2. As of early May 2010:


    Gladly we can forget about IE5.5 and below. So the boxmodel problem is getting easier to deal with, an other IE fixes aren’t maybe as troublesome to code for. I agree with Mark – it will be nice when IE6 is gone too.

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