PeLC10 Website


The website for the 2010 Plymouth e-Learning Conference has now gone live. The conference title for 2010 is ‘Learning without limits: Facing the Challenges’.

I was gain tasked with coming up with the site design and theme for the conference. I draw upon last years success of the website and flyer designs and evolved the format and structure of both. The 2009 website had a whole new design, the structure of the site has a good layout so this year is was all about redesigning with new art work (which I’ll discuss in a later post) and add new content.

There have been a few minor tweaks such as the side bar, this year it has been more defined with some quick details appearing at the top on the homepage.Another change has been the integration of a JQuery navigation menu. In certain parts of the website I felt it may be difficult for find information, but now the navigation is slightly more interactive and gives you more options as you hover over an option. The final major change has been the intergration of a Google Map embedding into the site to show the location of the university, in the future we would like to expand this to include surrounding Hotels so people can see distance and quickly find names and numbers of hotels close by.


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