Interactive Learning Scenarios in Child Protection Poster


With the VC’s Conference around the corner, part of the teaching fellowship was to create a poster to display on the day, and be available over the lunch to discuss the project to people who may be interested. Having first done a little research to see the standard of posters in previous years I noticed a lot of them were created in Microsoft Powerpoint. Although I can understand that some people may not have a clue about how to make a poster in any other piece of software this is fine, but for me I chose Adobe InDesign. I guess people should just use the tools they feel most comfortable using, and as I near enough hate Powerpoint I’d rather pop down the shops buy some A1 paper and some crayons and scribble the poster’s design, but that’s another story.

Having decided to create the poster in InDesign, I have the freedom to layout, layer and stylise the composition. As most of the project revolves around the character talking to the user, I decided I might be a nice idea to display them as if they were giving you the information themselves. The main aim is coming from us the developers so I kept that separate. Located at the bottom of the poster I have also demonstrated a four stage process that we went through, starting with the modelling >> rendering >> editing >> presenting (displaying the result in the browser). This poster will be on display on Monday the 6th July at the University of Plymouth.

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