WrAssE Showcase (“Hands on for e-Resources”)


Finally the Wrasse Project (Writing for Assignments e-Library) has been shown to a group of people who work here at the University for the first time. John Hilsdon presented to the group starting with “An Idea”, moving to the concept, then to the Product/Showcase towards the end from what I can gather it was very well received. People were given the chance have play and experiment with using the site and we encouraged to think about how they might incorporate the resource in there teaching.

First impressions?

Some of the comments after seeing the product for the first time were: nice look and feel, great layout and nice colours – not intimidating or confusing – very clear and engaging, great idea – needs to say right up front, very clearly, that these are GOOD essays, good idea and helpful, the idea that staff can draw on resource/practice template in this format has great potential.

Were you able to use it intuitively?

As the developer this was a critical area for me. I had been striding towards making a resource that is so simple to use a monkey could eventually write an essay after using this site (ok, maybe not that far, but an intuitive product is important). Some of the comments were: yes – very intuitive, yes – but the comments bubbles phased me for a moment, initially yes – but feel that the help section was very useful, but not obvious that the content was there, yes absolutely – the pop-up new window was appreciated.

Can you see ways this resource might fit in with your teaching?  If so, how?

Probably the most vital in terms of using the product on a regular basis and whether its sustainable. Some of the comments were: I would be able to use this with staff re. illustrate issues on assessment as well as who they could use this with students – open up the issue of social constructionist approaches to assessment, absolutely (especially IF it included my subject area – very restricted at the moment) I’d try and use it in the ’60 minute intervention’ module (or variant of it) – grade – analysis and justify, yes – useful for online distance learners, yes pre-briefing staff (teaching teams) on assessments before briefing students on assignments in one way.


The morning was very successful in my eyes, John had obliviously hoped it would go down well with the group and the fact that they actually identified areas where they could use it in their practice was a result. As for now we just have to sit on it while it gets used, we’ll revisit the project in coming months, there is still a little funding to progress further but beyond that point it looks like we might have to seek funding.

View: www.learningdevelopment.plymouth.ac.uk/wrasse

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