PeLC10: First Call For Papers Flyer


With the 4th Plymouth eLearning Conference on the horizon and fast approaching I have been making some promotional material for the 5th Plymouth eLearning Conference in 2010. Learning without Limits: Facing the Challenge is the snappy title and it was my place for inspiration for the ‘Call For Papers’ flyer design. Initially having difficulty coming up with any ideas whatsoever, I had a discussion with Steve Wheeler and the phrase ‘The Sky is the Limit’ appeared!

Thinking about the sky and having no limits I started to think about the stars and the void of space.  I wanted to portray this scale , starting with the Earth (where we are) at one end and fading to an empty limitless area where the information about the conference would reside.

I first mocked up an idea on paper and started to think about the techniques involved in creating the globe, initially I thought about illustrating my own impression but then went on to explore Google Earth for inspiration. As I was playing and manipulating the angle and scale, I already started designing the flyer in my head and wanted to include Plymouth or more obviously the UK in the design.

In the end I decided to stick with a screenshot of Google Earth and manipulate it in my design.

Call for Papers Flyer

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