Mix Me Up!


‘Mix Me Up!’ is a visual display of beliefs and expressions dealing with multicultural issues in today’s society. Considering diverse religions, communities, ideologies, and conventions related to ethnic origins including how society accepts and treats individuals.

Multiculturalism is an ideology advocating that society should consist of, or at least allow and include, distinct cultural groups, with equal status. Multiculturalism has its supporters and critics alike. Its supporters often see it as a self-evident entitlement of cultural groups, as a form of civil rights grounded in equality of cultures.

This piece explores opinions from personal experiences gained from living in multicultural environments. The contrasts of these opinions are intended to initiate the audience to draw upon their own thoughts and judgements.

Critically we chose a topic of diverse content, allowing thoughts to be expressed through linear motion. Dealing with political issues as well as problems faced by individuals on a day-to-day basis, this piece highlights important affairs surrounding multiculturalism.

Relating the content into a visual representation for the audience to understand is vital. Capturing the audience’s attention without losing their interest means relating the content to a metaphor, which the majority can appreciate.

Mix Me Up

As a metaphor we chose to use the Rubik’s Cube in an unconventional approach. Combining time-based methods, we created a piece, which combines video and 3D graphics. The Rubik’s cube is an object most people recognize instantly; therefore relating the content this way will hopefully make the understanding easier.

The aim is to create a visually stunning piece with a very strong concept. The Rubik’s Cube allowed an intriguing graphical display whilst keeping the essence of the critical context alive, thus display the content graphically, conceptually and interesting style.

This is a project by Mark Lyndon & Rupert Frankum.

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